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We've been there, and we've done that. Being at the whim of AirBnB and reviews from customers who'll leave a bad review for a cobweb in a closet stinks. Your business hinges on staying in AirBnB's good graces, and that's no way to live.

AirBnB isn't where the good bookings are, anyway; it's better to have longer term bookings from people who need a furnished rental in a certain location long term.

That's why we made Quantum Suites and the Quantum Suites Booking Engine. The Booking Engine allows you to host bookings on your own site, empowering you to market your units how you want to.

Additionally, we offer both partially and fully managed services where we take the burden of marketing your property for you. We can even completely run your rental properties, enabling you to be fully hands off if you wish.

Sign up with us today and consider what we have to offer:

Self Service

With this plan, the Quantum Suites Booking Engine powers your website. You can use our calendar search and booking features on an existing or new website.

We will not do additional marketing of your property, and some technical skill will be required to do the integration. We offer integration and website building services if you need them.


  • $8.00 / month for up to 10 units
  • $15.00 / month for 11 to 24 units
  • $1.00 / month per unit for 25 or more units
Promotion Service

In addition to the self service features, we will also feature your units on QuantumSuites.me and promote you for bookings.

We charge 5% of the post-tax, post-cleaning fee amount for any bookings of your units on our website. Units booked on your own site do not incur an additional fee.

The base price for this service is the same as our Self Service offering:

  • $8.00 / month for up to 10 units
  • $15.00 / month for 11 to 24 units
  • $1.00 / month per unit for 25 or more units
Full Service

We provide full service property management for 15% of the booking so you can go completely hands off.

We handle the entire lifecycle of the guest and supply linens.

This service is available only in the Triangle and Triad areas of North Carolina at the moment. If you are in a different area and would enjoy this service contact us to discuss how we can help.

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